Panel Discussions During PickleCon 2024

Education and information sharing is a big focus of PickleCon 2024, which we will explore through our panel discussions. Feedback from customers and partners over the past year has highlighted topics we feel are valuable and relevant within the sport. We are now looking for additional panelists and moderators to round out each discussion.

If you have expertise or know someone who does on any of the following topics, or feel we’ve missed something you see as important, please reach out to Alyssa Morrison at


How Different Sports Translate to PB

Importance/Purpose of Referees

Injury Prevention/Rehab

Local Parks & Rec/Municipalities

Making the Jump (from amateur to pro)

Managing a Club


Monetizing Pickleball/PB as a Business

Opening a New Facility

Paddle Technology

Pickleball in College

Playing in the Elements (heat, wind, etc.)

Programming for Clubs


Research in Pickleball

Sound Mitigation

Sustainability/Greening the Sport - FULL

Technology in the Sport

Transition From Tennis to PB

Women in the Sport

Working with Veterans

Youth Programs/Coaching Certifications